Campo Grande City

  • Campo Grande is a Brazilian municipality in the Midwest region, capital of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. The city has a population of about 910,000 inhabitants, and is the third largest and most developed urban center in the Midwest Region of Brazil and the 19th most populous municipality in Brazil.
  • The city was planned in the middle of a vast green area, with wide streets and avenues and several gardens in between, it is one of the most wooded cities in Brazil and 96% of the houses have the shade of a tree.
  • The city was founded on June 21, 1872 by José Antonio Pereira. Even today, it still has a strong relationship with the indigenous culture and its historical roots. Because of the color of its land (purple or red), it received the nickname Cidade Morena (Dark City). The city is located in a plateau region, where it is possible to see the limits of the horizon line in the background of any landscape.
  • Among its residents it is possible to find Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Syrian-Lebanese, Armenian, Paraguayan, and Bolivian descendants. The quality of life in Campo Grande ended up attracting many people from other states in Brazil, especially the neighboring states (São Paulo, Paraná, Minas Gerais) and Rio Grande do Sul. According to a survey done in 2006 by Exame magazine, Campo Grande is the 28th best city in the country in infrastructure, a decisive factor in attracting investments.