The event will be held in the wonderful city of Kenitra.

  • Kenitra is a Moroccan city situated on the Northern Atlantic coastal line. It is 40 km to the north of Rabat the capital city and is located on the Sebou River. The city is considered the economic capital of the Gharb region and is often viewed as the agricultural capital of Morocco.
  • The port of Kenitra on the Sebou River is the only Moroccan river port. Kenitra also hosts the Atlantic Free Zone, which is the largest free export zone on the African continent dedicated mainly to trade across the Maghreb. Recently, Kenitra was the main target of international foreign investors due to its high performance in the automotive industry sector.
  • The history of Kenitra dates back to the Phoenician era. Right after, the city was also inhabited by the Romans who called it Thamusida. Even at that time, the city had a maritime trading port and river port on the Sebou River.
  • The site of Mehdia with its historical Kasbah and the site of Thamusida are full of history with an ancient Roman settlement. the city has also green spaces for nature lovers; Mamora forest and Sidi-Boughaba lake are great places for ecotourists. For seaside activities, there are the shores of the Atlantic, a sandy beach, and water activities related to the strong Atlantic waves.