About the Conference

In the context of a permanent and increasing fluctuation in the economic environment, the conference is an open forum for the presentation of new ideas, exchange of experiences, and synergies between academics and practitioners in Governance, Economics and Finance. The main goal is to share reflections and recommendations on global governance, economics and finance along with modelling and implementation of digital systems and artificial intelligence.

ICGEF’22 will be also an international forum for discussions on ‘New Challenges in contemporary economics and finance’, which aims to present recent advances, the latest solutions and research developments in theoretical and practical areas.

The conference is expected to provide an opportunity to bring together leading researchers and practitioners through conferences and round tables along with prominent keynote speakers and regular paper presentations in parallel sessions.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Kenitra and Campo Grande and we hope that ICGEF’22 will be a rewarding and useful experience for all the participants!

We look forward to seeing you in Kenitra and Campo Grande!